Friday, April 3, 2009

Picasa albums don't show up in Blogger

This one was about to make me pull my hair out. Maybe I'm the one missing something, but it just wouldn't work for me. I was moving from a web server in my garage to Blogger/Picasa. The main function was to hold all my family photo albums I had created over the previous 5 years. They were all in folders representing events. time frames, etc. I uploaded all 700 MB to Picasa in the same session. Nothing was different about any of them. I only used one google account for everything in the process. Getting the Picasa albums to show up on Blogger sing the Picasa gadget gave me fits. I followed the steps, but I always got the 'feed could not be loaded message'. I don't feel like putting my GMail address in text here, so I will use

Per the directions, user name in the add slide show gadget should have been exampleexample. Thad didn't work. I tried tweaking every setting in my Picasa account, but no luck. I eventually got it to work by randomly changing the case of the letters and/or sometimes adding to the end of my user name. I have no idea why this works. The results are not consistent. I actually have the best luck using exampleexamplE as my user name. If some albums don't show up, I usually can resolve it by changing additional letters from lower case to upper case. Again, I uploaded all my albums at once. I don't see how I could have caused them to be any different. As I continue to publish the albums on Blogger, I still have to do this to make many of them show up. See the pictures below. Different combinations of caps and adding make different albums show up. Again, I have no idea why, but it works for me. I only put a few screenshots, but it is enough to show that I get different results by tweaking the user name.