Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to create an email with embedded image in Gmail

This one had been annoying me for years. Every now and then you want to out a image or picture in the body of an email. Most mail clients can do it. Gmail can't (couldn't). There are countless write ups on hack ways to do this that take more time than sending through the postal service would. It is actually very simple! While logged into Gmail, click on the 'Labs' tab under settings. You can now see an huge list of new features you can enable on your Gmail account. Some of them may not work perfectly, but this one does. Scroll down until you find 'Inserting images' near the bottom. Enable it and save your changes. That's it! You now have a button on your toolbar when composing a message. It allows you quickly insert a picture in an email. I know many times simply including it as an attachment is fine, but there are times when having it show up in the body of an email can be very helpful. Now you know how to insert a picture in the body of a Gmail email.