Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to create an email with embedded image in Gmail

This one had been annoying me for years. Every now and then you want to out a image or picture in the body of an email. Most mail clients can do it. Gmail can't (couldn't). There are countless write ups on hack ways to do this that take more time than sending through the postal service would. It is actually very simple! While logged into Gmail, click on the 'Labs' tab under settings. You can now see an huge list of new features you can enable on your Gmail account. Some of them may not work perfectly, but this one does. Scroll down until you find 'Inserting images' near the bottom. Enable it and save your changes. That's it! You now have a button on your toolbar when composing a message. It allows you quickly insert a picture in an email. I know many times simply including it as an attachment is fine, but there are times when having it show up in the body of an email can be very helpful. Now you know how to insert a picture in the body of a Gmail email.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

LG is Awesome

I bought a 32LH20 32" LG TV in July. We were finally making the lunge into HD after our small bedroom TV committed suicide. It actually jumped off a dresser during one of our spontaneous bedroom reorganizations. I got it all mounted perfectly on the wall, cables neatly hidden, etc. Getting Comcast HD to work with it properly was a month long disaster, but that is another story. They had to re-cable half my neighborhood. Once everything was supposedly fixed there, I fired it up. IT was awful! On some channels, the sound and video were a full second out of sync. I assumed Comcast was to blame, but we seemed to be able to disprove that theory. I finally called LG in August. They were immediately very interested in the issue and tool down every detail about where I live, what service I was on, model number of the cable box, what type of HDMI cables I was using, etc. Long story short, one month later there is a LG tech at my house with a firmware upgrade. He upgraded from 4.0.x (might have been 4.1.X) to 4.3.X. It is perfect! I now have achieved HD nirvana.He said this instance was the worst he had ever seen when I showed him out of sync it was. He also said this seemed to be an issue that occurs on newer LG TVs hooked up to Comcast HD using HDMI. He has a service release bulletin that listed hundreds of models. My TV was manufactured in May, and he said the firmware update came out on 8/20. How cool is it that..
  1. My TV can be fixed with a firmware upgrade
  2. LG came to my house to do it for free

I thought for sure they would tell me to deal with it or return it to Best Buy. I'm an LG customer for life. There were a lot more details as to what all the problems were, but I figured this might be enough for someone to stumble across if they are having the same issue.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Automatic Updates Service: The system cannot find the file specified

Got this annoying message when you try to start Automatic updates?
"Automatic Updates Service: The system cannot find the file specified"
I had spent several hours on a friends laptop that had been ravaged by viruses and spyware. This article helped me get Automatic updates working again.

Using your blackberry as a modem

Check this out:
You can use your blackberry to connect your laptop to the internet. Pretty cool. I can now turn in my Verizon card.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Picasa albums don't show up in Blogger

This one was about to make me pull my hair out. Maybe I'm the one missing something, but it just wouldn't work for me. I was moving from a web server in my garage to Blogger/Picasa. The main function was to hold all my family photo albums I had created over the previous 5 years. They were all in folders representing events. time frames, etc. I uploaded all 700 MB to Picasa in the same session. Nothing was different about any of them. I only used one google account for everything in the process. Getting the Picasa albums to show up on Blogger sing the Picasa gadget gave me fits. I followed the steps, but I always got the 'feed could not be loaded message'. I don't feel like putting my GMail address in text here, so I will use

Per the directions, user name in the add slide show gadget should have been exampleexample. Thad didn't work. I tried tweaking every setting in my Picasa account, but no luck. I eventually got it to work by randomly changing the case of the letters and/or sometimes adding to the end of my user name. I have no idea why this works. The results are not consistent. I actually have the best luck using exampleexamplE as my user name. If some albums don't show up, I usually can resolve it by changing additional letters from lower case to upper case. Again, I uploaded all my albums at once. I don't see how I could have caused them to be any different. As I continue to publish the albums on Blogger, I still have to do this to make many of them show up. See the pictures below. Different combinations of caps and adding make different albums show up. Again, I have no idea why, but it works for me. I only put a few screenshots, but it is enough to show that I get different results by tweaking the user name.