Saturday, September 26, 2009

LG is Awesome

I bought a 32LH20 32" LG TV in July. We were finally making the lunge into HD after our small bedroom TV committed suicide. It actually jumped off a dresser during one of our spontaneous bedroom reorganizations. I got it all mounted perfectly on the wall, cables neatly hidden, etc. Getting Comcast HD to work with it properly was a month long disaster, but that is another story. They had to re-cable half my neighborhood. Once everything was supposedly fixed there, I fired it up. IT was awful! On some channels, the sound and video were a full second out of sync. I assumed Comcast was to blame, but we seemed to be able to disprove that theory. I finally called LG in August. They were immediately very interested in the issue and tool down every detail about where I live, what service I was on, model number of the cable box, what type of HDMI cables I was using, etc. Long story short, one month later there is a LG tech at my house with a firmware upgrade. He upgraded from 4.0.x (might have been 4.1.X) to 4.3.X. It is perfect! I now have achieved HD nirvana.He said this instance was the worst he had ever seen when I showed him out of sync it was. He also said this seemed to be an issue that occurs on newer LG TVs hooked up to Comcast HD using HDMI. He has a service release bulletin that listed hundreds of models. My TV was manufactured in May, and he said the firmware update came out on 8/20. How cool is it that..
  1. My TV can be fixed with a firmware upgrade
  2. LG came to my house to do it for free

I thought for sure they would tell me to deal with it or return it to Best Buy. I'm an LG customer for life. There were a lot more details as to what all the problems were, but I figured this might be enough for someone to stumble across if they are having the same issue.


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