Friday, December 14, 2012

Poor customer service at Target

From my Wife:
I was at the Target in Cool Springs, TN this morning and had a poor experience with the lady at the customer service desk. I also believe she is one of the managers, as I have spoken with her before. In prior experiences she was very helpful, but definitely not today. I was returning two items and purchasing some items as well. I used my drivers license for the returns. She was extremely rude when I presented my items to purchase and she proceeded to ring up each item separately as well as have me pay for each separately. I then watched her turn to another Target employee and roll her eyes. I quickly responded and told her I was sorry to cause her any hassle, which she rudely replied it's fine. She was very abrupt and rude throughout our entire interaction. I apologized again before I left and told her she might try and be kinder to her customers. This has definitely changed my feelings on shopping at the Cool Springs store from now on.


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